Studying in another Nordic-Baltic Country* aims at developing fluent cross-border digital services between the Nordic and Baltic countries in the field of studying abroad in higher education and upper secondary education. The project contributes to the Nordic-Baltic Region to become the most integrated area in the world in this field. All the Nordic and Baltic countries have reached, in global comparison, a rather advanced level in the development of digital services. Continuous development and ever closer co-operation across the Nordic and Baltic borders are essential for future aspirations.

At the moment, most digital services are planned and implemented within one country, and cross-border digital services are rather an exception. As digitalisation advances everywhere, it is also the expectation of the citizens in the Nordic-Baltic Region that digital services work anywhere and at any time. Citizens interested in studying abroad in the neighboring countries will expect smooth and flexible digital services before, during and after their study abroad period. The project will contribute towards making all this a reality by improving interoperability of existing digital systems and data. 

This project will:

  1. Identify the key parties, data repositories, data exchange requirements and possible administrative and legislative challenges, and create a project plan based on the Baseline study analysis and the needs of Nordic and Baltic partners.
  2. Define together use cases and generate a common operating model and practices of data management, interoperability, governance and cooperation.
  3. Establish functional and sustainable solutions as a handbook of cross-border data exchange (PoC).
  4. Test and pilot the Proof of Concept (PoC) among selected project partners in Nordic/Baltic countries.

* also known as Improved cross-border digital services for studying abroad in the Nordic and Baltic Countries (CBDS-Study)


Seminar and Workshop in Helsinki,  

Baseline Study Publication Seminar and Workshop in Espoo,  

You can find more detailed information and project related material on the upright column of this page. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or ideas for further collaboration.


Project Manager Riikka Rissanen            Specialist Petteri Pulli

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